Building Constructions 5 (A601) [code:BMEEPESA601]
AssistantZsuzsanna Fülöp Dr
Activity type2 lectures and 2 workshops per week
This semester it is not active


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The midterm test will take up the whole 2 hours of the workshop time slot. It will consist of two main parts: a shorter theoretical part where the questions will test the students knowledge of the material discussed on the lectures, and a longer design exercise. Two examples of the kinds of design exercises you can expect are found below. We highly recommend that you use these to prepare for the test.
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Midterm Test

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Lectures of the related BSc topics can be found in the Remedial BC MSc library.

DL info Topic1 - Structural Systems
DL info Topic2 - System Analysis
DL info Topic3 - Walling System
DL info Topic4 - RC Walling System
DL info Topic5 - Foundation System
DL info Topic6 - Insitu Cast Skeleton Frames
DL info Topic7 - PreCast RC Frames I
DL info Topic7 - PreCast RC Frames complete
DL info Topic8 - Curtainwalls
DL info Topic9 - Acoustics of Facade
DL info Topic10 - Large Block and Panel System



DL info Workshop 1 - Exercise Student Version
DL info Workshop 1 - summary
DL info Workshop 2 - Exercise Student Version
DL info Workshop 2 - Summary
DL info Workshop 3 - Exercise Student Version
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DL info Workshop 3 - Crust panels 1
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